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Fallen Son: The Death Of Captain America Feelings…

I got around finished reading Fallen Son and in days i loved it but gave me feeling of sadness because it had characters reflecting on there friendships with captain america and what it means now that he is dead. from Spider-man, wolverine and even iron man and just wow it wasa amazing. it made me sad reading spide-man in this book because he really looked up to cap and you can tell he meant a lot to peter and its just sad reading him reflect on that. You got him taking his pain on some people and having words with wolverine but i loved Falcons cap speech but this was just amazing and it was a sad read but it was amazing i just loved it.

Even though Iron Man is a dick in this story but its great to read to see how he dealing with it even though they were not that close at the end but they were good friends. you see him wanting to replace captain america and this time he can be on his side. Also the poker scene is amazing just just amazing to read. There is an issue called Depression and is one of th highlights for me also the first issue to but Depression is something special to read you have spider-man reliving his past which includes the death of gwen.

Just amazing overall and this is a book i will go back to and works perfectly after you have read Death Of Captain America and this just added bonus gives you what other characters are thinking about his death and how these characters deal with his death just an amazing story, art was great but the writing and when a book makes me feel sad you know it is something special.

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